Electric Eyes | Purple & Teal – Electric Palette

Hi guys! I hope everyone is having a great day and enjoying the summer! For me im having a lot going on at home so there haven’t been a lot of time for me to blog or anything! But ive manage to get up a new tutorial! This is one of my favorites when it comes […]

Shine Like A Star

Hi guys! Today I have a new step by step tutorial to share with you! This is such an easy look and i love the sparkle in the middle of the eye lid!     So the products you will need for this step by step are: MAC “Always Sunny” MAC “Handwritten” Kim Cosmetic “Shine Like […]

Glam It Up Monday!

Its Monday again people! For some of us, it is a wonderful start to the week because its BANK HOLIDAY! So no work and the weather is fine! Over here in Norway we have been having a busy weekend. Lene is still having technical issues and her internet connection is a little sketchy, so she […]

Glam it Up Monday!

It´s Glam it Up Monday! Yay! Todays hair is a result of sleeping with curlers, apparantly putting them in the wrong way because I looked nothing like I usually do, and then having to pin it up to make it look half decent. I took the hair from the front sides and pinned it across […]

Glam it up Monday!

Hello, We here at The Makeup Honey thought it would be fun to start a new regular post every monday with focus on makeup looks. Hopefully you´ll be inspired by these looks to start your week with a fresh makeup and possibly try something new.  Lene´s Monday Makeup Look: Okey, so I´m not a MUA […]

Lush Cosmetics Mini Haul

When I was on my holidays in the UK, I discovered that Lush also do makeup. I was slightly excited and made weird noises and immediately Jexxy (my holiday companion and fellow makeup addict) and I started swatching everything. They stock literally everything. You can get mascara, eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipstick, lip balm, concealer, foundation and […]


As many of you may or may not know, Illamasqua is a British makeup brand owned and created by the legendary Alex Box. Her work is insanely inspiring and her brand, Illamasqua is truly amazing. Long have I coveted the shiny products and impressive range of colours but alas, I am always tempted by other […]

The 10 Commandments of Makeup

I felt like doing something a little different this week and make my own version of the 10 Commandments of Makeup. I was inspired by a recent post on Reddit, so why not try making your own!

Bridal Edition 5: Lips, Lips, Lips!

Just like the rest of your makeup, your lips have to be perfect for your big day. Of course you will have to reapply your chosen lip product a number of times throughout the day but there are some products and tricks to help your pout stay perfect. There are 2 different types of lip […]