Updated: #Hashtags

If you are a Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Vine or well internet user in general, you have probably come across hashtags. They are absolutely everywhere. But what is a hashtag? Well a hashtag is any words, phrases, initialism, abbreviation or acronym which is proceeded by the hash or pound sign #. The hashtag was originally intended […]

Explained: Acronyms, Abbreviations and Makeup Forum Shorthand

Just like the confusing world of hashtags, forums, YouTubers, Instagrammers, Beauty Bloggers etc all have their own special little language relating to the world of makeup. This language consists of acronyms, initialisms and abbreviations which at first glance look like some kind of crazy code but really most of them are pretty simple. I had […]

Review: Rae Morris Ultimate Makeup Guide

So this week I’m going to talk about my favourite makeup manual the Rae Morris Ultimate Makeup Guide. Written by Rae Morris and Photography by Steven Chee. If you are not familiar with the work of Rae Morris then I strongly suggest you get familiar with it. She really is amazing. You can see her work on […]

Swatch: MAC Flat Out Fabulous

Matte lipsticks are a bit of a passion of mine, I usually only wear matte finishes and on the days that I do not, I usually dust a touch of translucent powder over the top to give the product a matte finish. I hate to have sticky lips, working with nail dust, sticky lipstick is […]

Electric Eyes | Purple & Teal – Electric Palette

Hi guys! I hope everyone is having a great day and enjoying the summer! For me im having a lot going on at home so there haven’t been a lot of time for me to blog or anything! But ive manage to get up a new tutorial! This is one of my favorites when it comes […]

Shine Like A Star

Hi guys! Today I have a new step by step tutorial to share with you! This is such an easy look and i love the sparkle in the middle of the eye lid!     So the products you will need for this step by step are: MAC “Always Sunny” MAC “Handwritten” Kim Cosmetic “Shine Like […]

How To Get That Perfect Winged Liner

  How many times have you been struggling with that eyeliner? Belive me i’ve been there, doing you liner can be so hard, and you many times end up wiping everything off again because you put liner everywhere. Well no more! If you just invest in a good brush and a good gel liner i […]

A Pop Of Summer

  Hi Guys! So today i wanted to show you a quick tutorial on this look   here! Its a super easy one that you can play around with and mix colors! Its for those of you who dont feel so comfortable using a lot of colors, but wanna try it out. Well here you […]

Dupe Edition: Lime Crime Alternatives

This is the last post I will make which references Lime Crime products, the company, or their existence in any way shape or form. Now that declaration is out of the way, lets get down to it. I do not (thankfully) own a vast amount of Lime Crime products but for the ones I do […]

Liquid Courage Cosmetics: Matte Lipstick

On Thursday I posted about Liquid Courage Cosmetics and swatched the Lip Lacquer Collection. Now I am back again with more Liquid Courage but this time it’s all about the matte. Since we did the “who what and where” about the brand already let’s get right down to the products. I have to apologize in […]