Monster Marius

So our first job as a twosome ended up being in Italy for Noise Film Factory. They hired us for 2 short films back to back, “Urban Gods” and “My Love, I´m Your Doppleganger”. Michael went on location with them but we created the creature, that we lovingly refer to as Marius, together. Marius was […]

I´m Back…

It has been so long since I last posted. The summer has been insanely crazy. We have been working nonstop and I just have not had the energy to sit down and write reviews. So firstly you might notice I said “we”. “We” is Michael Wallin and I. After meeting earlier this year we have […]

Update: Life

It has been quiet on The Makeup Honey Blog, and for that I am sorry. A lot of the usual festive posts were left in the draft folder, some not even planned, some not even considered. Work was very busy over the holiday season, so busy in fact that I begun to get pains in my […]

Life Update!

We have been very quite recently on the social media front. Nadine has moved to Denmark and is in Cinema Makeup school, learning amazing stuff but she has very little time to spare for blogging. She hopes to be back with us soon but for now her priorities must be with school. Lene has a […]

Explained: Baked Makeup

Although baked makeup has been around for a few years now, just recently it seems to have seriously taken off. Head to any makeup counter or drugstore PoS and you will find that each brand has its own baked products ranging from eyeshadows to blusher and bronzers. But the question remains, what exactly is baked makeup? […]

A New Chapter In My Life

It have been such a long time since i last blogged here. Its not because i dont want to, but my days have been so filled up with stuff since i moved to Copenhagen! So what am i doing down here? Im following my biggest dream going to beauty school to become a Makeup Artist and […]

Glam Monday: Fail edition

So yesterday I spent a good few hours filming what I hoped would be a tutorial based on all the Instagram contour tutorials. Aside from laughing at myself, muttering like a fool, drawing my eyebrows on way too big and dark, the camera ran out of memory shortly followed by a lack of power. Needless […]

Tag Tuesday!

Ah what a week! All those posts I promised just never happened, I am so sorry. Some of you may have caught my update on Instagram or Facebook, my baby boy was taken ill on holiday and had to have a brief hospital visit. Being Mummy Honey took priority last week. He is all better […]

Glam It Up Monday!

Ah its that time of the week again, Monday has arrived. This Monday is the start of my summer holidays! (with the exception of a few clients this week) The summer has been crazy so far and I just can´t wait to jet off to the UK to get some makeup shopping done! So I […]

Life’s Entropy: Galaxy Glow Illuminators

Life’s Entropy has been on my radar for a while but I have taken my sweet time about getting around to trying them. I finally splurged when they released their range of highlighters a few weeks ago.Highlighters are not something I usually experiement with. I have my HG products (Too Face Candlelight Glow and Soap […]