Help: Clear Skin

For the last few weeks I have been testing and documenting the Help: Clear Skin acne cure. I am a week or two late on posting this roundup. What with travelling I managed to skip some drinks, so I decided to hold off on the final post until I had consumed the whole trial.  It has been […]

Viva La Diva: Spring Summer Collection 2015

A couple of weeks ago The MUH Blog received a lovely care package from Swedish brand Viva La Diva. They had sent us the Spring/Summer 2015 Collection to review! Our International readers may not be familiar with this brand but they are a reasonably popular Scandinavian brand, sold in stores such as Cubus, Åhléns and KICKS. […]

Help: Clear Skin Part 4

It is now 21 days since I started drinking the magic juice and I am noticing serious results! My skin is actually starting to look good! I even wore a light coverage foundation for a job interview today. I am so pleased that something started to happen! Not only have I not had any eruptions […]

Help: Clear Skin Part 3

Hello to all! You have probably noticed that we are running a few days behind our regular posting schedule over here at The Makeup Honey Blog. We are very sorry and I (Sian) am trying to catch up. Our wonderful Lene has been taken into the hospital, hopefully it is nothing serious and she will […]

“Help: Clear Skin” Part 2

So it is time for our “Help: Works With Water” weekly check in! Both Lene and I have been testing out the drink which claims to heal acne from within. Part 1 is here, we have been drinking the drink now for 7 days, so lets see if we can see any improvements. My biggest […]

“Help: Clear Skin” part 1

This is how you are used to seeing me and this is how I look 80% of the time, not bad right? Nice smooth skin, even skin tone, rose cheeks and nicely shaped lips. (Also I finally sorted out my roots! Yay new hair colour!)  But if I wipe off my makeup and reveal the true condition […]

#GlitterFriday Winner!

You might have noticed that Lene did not make her usual nail tutorial today. Unfortunately she is suffering some technical issues, being that she has no internet at her home this week. I tried my hardest to do a nail art video tutorial but that video will never see the light of day. Lene is […]

Battle of the Blushes: E.L.F. vs Makeup Revolution

Over at the Makeup Honey HQ it is a budget brand, liquid blush showdown! In the ring we have drugstore veteran and budget brand giant E.L.F. and facing up to them is new comer to the shelves at less than a year old we have Makeup Revolution. Both are easy on the wallet and both […]

Makeup Revolution VIVID Blush Lacquer

Continuing my Makeup Revolution meet and greet, I have two of the VIVID Blush Lacquers to swatch today. The blush retails at £3.00 and comes in 6 different shades. The shades available all dance around the pink/peach end of the colour spectrum with no overly adventurous shades available. Ultra intensive liquid blush for intense pop […]

The Lip Factory May Edition

Hey guys and girls! First up, sorry for the radio silence lat weekend. It was Mini Makeup Honey’s 2nd Birthday so as you can imagine I had a weekend FULL of Mummy duties followed by a nice case of the flu. Seriously it was so bad I think I actually had man flu. Being ill […]