Tooth Whitening Review + super discount code for you!

I got to test tooth whitening! It´s probably ten years since I last tried, and then it didn´t go exactly as planned, I ruined the tooth mold by overheating it, so this is something to be aware not to do if it is your first try. This kit is from Smile Sciences and contains: Two […]

Bom Beauty Cosmetics Brush Cleaning Tool

I hate, cleaning brushes, it is probably the most boring part of my job. Repetitive, messy, takes hours and just blergh. Anyway I saw this cute little rubbery brush cleaning tool thing on Instagram called a Beauty Bom and thought I would try it out. It cost $12, which compared to many brush cleaning tools […]

Karla Cosmetics: Dream Together

I finally managed to get my hands on the Karla Cosmetics Lip Brush set (version 2) over the Christmas break and I can´t even begin to express how much I love this set. I was unable to get hold of the original version so I can´t speak for how they compare to the originals but […]

UBU Brush Collection

Just before Christmas I was contacted by Urban Beauty United or UBU as they are better known. They sent me a small selection of their new collection to review for my lovely readers. Our UK readers will know this brand as it is sold at Asda and Tesco. Norwegian readers can pick up UBU at your […]

Sewlomax: Lipstick Pop Bag

As you know I am mad about lipstick and also pretty in love with Sewlomax. Just before Christmas the lovely Emma of Sewlomax was kind enough to send me one of their new releases, the Lipstick Pop Bag. The bag is just so cute it is beyond words! As per the usual, each Sewlomax product […]

Sewlomax Makeup Bags and Beautiful Purses

You might remember a month or two ago I ran a competition in partnership with British designer Emma Lomax of Sewlomax to give away a beautiful nail polish themed makeup bag. I am pleased to announce that I am now a proud brand ambassador for Sewlomax and will be able to give all my lovely […]

Mr. Nutcase

I just wanted to do a quick shout out to the guys and girls over at Mr. Nutcase. Just yesterday my lovely post lady delivered to me a gorgeous iPhone case which was custom made by the Mr. Nutcase team using pictures from my blog and Instagram! It is just perfect!   Buying a phone […]

Makeup Mekka

As many of my lovely readers know, Norway is really quite bad for makeup. You have little to no chance of getting authentic Urban Decay, Benefit, Illamasqua etc unless you take a holiday to the UK. This has prompted me in recent month to go on the search of awesome indie brands. Due to a […]