Monster Marius

So our first job as a twosome ended up being in Italy for Noise Film Factory. They hired us for 2 short films back to back, “Urban Gods” and “My Love, I´m Your Doppleganger”. Michael went on location with them but we created the creature, that we lovingly refer to as Marius, together. Marius was […]

Film: Transit Conjunction

Recently I had the pleasure to work on some special effects for the upcoming Indie movie “Transit Conjunction” by Dir; Fredrick Waldeland and Foton4 Film. I don’t want to share too much about the story line but I thought some behind the scenes snaps might be a little fun to share on this lovely tuesday […]

Halloween Mayhem

My goodness, I feel like I haven’t sat down to play with my collection or write a review in weeks, no wait it has been weeks! So sorry! I have even not really had time for Instagram or Snapchat, oh the humanity! It has been crazy busy here in Makeup heaven for my favourite time […]

Behind the Scenes: Beauty Shoot

I have been missing in action now for a few weeks, posting here and there a few reviews and pretty much leaving Lene to take the lead on MUH Blog (and what an awesome job she has been doing). There are a few reasons for my absence, one of which is that I have been […]

Stavanger Fashion 2014: The Show

So I have written a lot about the show and shared a lot of behind the scenes so maybe it is time I stopped teasing you all and actually showed you the show! Warning: this will be an image heavy post! Stavanger Fashion 2014 with Glenda Jensen Couture The event wasn’t just about fashion, we […]

Stavanger Fashion 2014 Backstage with Hair and Makeup

Saturday the 25th of October saw the very first Stavanger Fashion Night, created by Glenda Jensen Couture and Sabor Entertainment. It has been a long lead up to this, myself joining the project a year ago and taking the role of Head Stylist. As I mentioned in another post, it was insane the amount of […]

#Stavangerfashion Teaser Time!

Sunday I spent the day with 20+ models to film a teaser trailer for Stavanger Fashion Night which is almost here! The Fashion Night is the result of sheer hard work and dreaming by Glenda Jensen Couture and I am so happy and lucky to be apart of it. For the show I managed to […]


Almost a year of work, planning and stress is almost over as Stavanger Fashion Night is almost upon us! Although I am officially on maternity leave (Baby Varg is now 5 weeks old and soooooo cute!) I am the Head Makeup Artist for the show and have been busy designing looks, scrounging makeup, putting together […]

COLE Magazine

Hi everyone, this is just a super fast and awesome update. I have gone and landed myself the exciting new position of… wait for it…. Editorial Assistant to the Editor in Chief of COLE Magazine! That title is very long so I will just use Editorial Assistant for now. I am so pleased as you […]

It’s finally over!

So As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am now done with MUA, Styling and Nail work for a couple of months while I await the newest arrival to the Makeup Honey Clan. It has been an incredibly busy and stressful summer of pregnancy, photoshoots, salon work, office based work, weddings and of course […]