Halloween Mayhem

My goodness, I feel like I haven’t sat down to play with my collection or write a review in weeks, no wait it has been weeks! So sorry! I have even not really had time for Instagram or Snapchat, oh the humanity! It has been crazy busy here in Makeup heaven for my favourite time […]

Updated: #Hashtags

If you are a Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Vine or well internet user in general, you have probably come across hashtags. They are absolutely everywhere. But what is a hashtag? Well a hashtag is any words, phrases, initialism, abbreviation or acronym which is proceeded by the hash or pound sign #. The hashtag was originally intended […]

Explained: Acronyms, Abbreviations and Makeup Forum Shorthand

Just like the confusing world of hashtags, forums, YouTubers, Instagrammers, Beauty Bloggers etc all have their own special little language relating to the world of makeup. This language consists of acronyms, initialisms and abbreviations which at first glance look like some kind of crazy code but really most of them are pretty simple. I had […]

Explained: Indie Ingredients

During my Indie Quest, I have found that I have become much more interested in what is actually in my makeup. Of course I always checked ingredients lists for the ‘good stuff’ and for things that I have had reactions to before but now I find myself not only intently reading the ingredients list but […]

July Favourites

We have a first on The Makeup Honey Blog! We have never done a favourites post, so mark your calendars because here is the first one ever! While I was travelling last month I had a limited amount of space and makeup was sacrificed. As a result I was rather choosy about what actually went […]

Viva La Diva: Spring Summer Collection 2015

A couple of weeks ago The MUH Blog received a lovely care package from Swedish brand Viva La Diva. They had sent us the Spring/Summer 2015 Collection to review! Our International readers may not be familiar with this brand but they are a reasonably popular Scandinavian brand, sold in stores such as Cubus, Åhléns and KICKS. […]

You are no longer my Unicorn Queen

This type of post is something I don´t often do and they are always sad to read. They are even sadder to write. For the last few years I have been happily using certain products. I have been happily promoting products both here and on my Instagram. If I feel that a product is worthy […]

Public Service Annountment: Credit Card Fraud!

News broke earlier today that the online stores for Lime Crime and ILNP have had a serious amount of sensitive data stolen. When I say sensitive data, I mean YOUR credit card information. The card information has then been used to make 1000´s of fraudulent purchases. Initial reports suggest that most banks have picked up […]

Blog Opening!

The Makeup Honey Blog is expanding! It has been almost 6 months since Lene at Drømmelakken joined the MUH family and we are looking for another blogger to join us. We would like a blogger who does video tutorials/pictorials or a fashion guru to join us with weekly posts of awesome. If you are interested the […]

And the winner is…

Hello and good morning sweeties! Thank you to all who participated in our giveaway, I hope there´ll be more in the future. Congratulations to our winner: Ellie Di I hope you all enjoyed this giveaway as much as we did hosting it. Thank you all for your participation, in both this giveaway and on the […]