Tag Tuesday: Lip Lovin’

Since I (Sian) am a self confessed lip product addict, I thought I might create my own Beauty Blogger Tag Challenge which is all about lips. There are no rules as such, just answer the questions if you got tagged to do so, and if you didn’t get tagged, do them anyway! Just comment with […]

Updated: #Hashtags

If you are a Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Vine or well internet user in general, you have probably come across hashtags. They are absolutely everywhere. But what is a hashtag? Well a hashtag is any words, phrases, initialism, abbreviation or acronym which is proceeded by the hash or pound sign #. The hashtag was originally intended […]

Tag Tuesday!

Ah what a week! All those posts I promised just never happened, I am so sorry. Some of you may have caught my update on Instagram or Facebook, my baby boy was taken ill on holiday and had to have a brief hospital visit. Being Mummy Honey took priority last week. He is all better […]

20 Facts About Me Tag

I was actually tag to do this on Instagram by @olddollsstillplay fbut I thought it might be nice to have here as well! So here goes… 1. I have a degree in Fine Art 2. I am currently studying Level 3 beauty 3. I run my own little salon from home but it is my dream to […]

Tag Tuesday: The Procrastinating Beauty Blogger Tag

I discovered this tag on one of my favourite beauty blogs, From Head To Toe, although the MUH Blog didn´t get tagged we will do it anyway! 1. Name a beauty regimen that you rarely do? Sian: Body lotion, I don’t have time and it never dries fast enough. Lene: Body lotion, too sticky. Nadine: Body lotion, […]

Tag Tuesday: Get To Know Us!

Its time for another Tag Tuesday! There are a few versions of the “Get To Know Us Tag” floating around so we went through all the versions and picked out the questions we liked. We blog for beauty, we really didn´t feel that our height is relevant so we got rid of those type of […]

Tag Tuesday: The Balmy Army

The MUH Blog was tagged on Instagram with this tag last year and I have had the picture saved but I have forgotten who tagged us! If you are reading this and it was you who tagged us, leave a comment! I hate when I can´t tag/credit people. I can tell you that this tag […]

Tag Tuesday: Would You Rather?

Back in 2014 I started doing some Beauty Tags but since Lene and Nadine joined we have been so busy making stuff beautiful that we haven’t done any tags. I was remind a few days ago by A Touch Of Beauty Blog when she linked back to me on a “Would You Rather Tag” I […]

Would You Rather? Beauty Blogger Tag

I am suffering from sever writers block. I have a hundred posts to write and I just cannot make the words come when I sit at the computer. Hopefully a fun Beauty Blogger Tag will loosen me up ready for the big stuff! I am trying out the “Would You Rather?” Blogger Tag this week […]

Seven Deadly Sins of Makeup

Wow, its already the 11th of January and this is my first post of the new year! I am so slack! There are reasons for my absence, number one being the Norwegian postal service. I have on the way to me many, many products to review but due to the Christmas and New Year postal […]