Swatch: LE Christmas Collection

My wonderful husband surprised me with an early Christmas Gift, the LE Collection from Jeffree Star in the super sexy white packaging! Can we take a minute, just a minute to absorb how classy and totally YASSS this LE packaging is? The packaging is exactly the same quality as the usual pink packaging but in […]

Swatch: Kate Rimmel London 107

This is the second Kate product that I will have reviewed but not the second I have used. I have in fact used many of these Kate by Rimmel London Matte Finish lipsticks and will swatch the whole range as soon as possible! As with the Long Lasting Range, the packaging is good quality but […]

Swatch: Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate 32

I love the Kate range from Rimmel London, especially the matte finish but this is my first experience with the Lasting Finish Lipstick. The packaging is the reverse of the matte lipstick by Kate.  Instead of a red tube with black writing you instead have a black tube with red writing. Nice and simple with […]

Review: Rae Morris Ultimate Makeup Guide

So this week I’m going to talk about my favourite makeup manual the Rae Morris Ultimate Makeup Guide. Written by Rae Morris and Photography by Steven Chee. If you are not familiar with the work of Rae Morris then I strongly suggest you get familiar with it. She really is amazing. You can see her work on […]

Flashback: Sleek LE Olympic Collection

A long while ago, back before the Mini MUA came along, back when the UK hosted the Olympics, Sleek release an LE Collection. I have posted this before, and it was before I got my shiny new camera, so please excuse the picture quality. The reason I am reposting this, is that it is still […]

Review: Bobby Brown Makeup Manual

Last wednesday I reviewed the Jemma Kidd Makeup MASTERCLASS. This week the focus is on the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual. I got this book quite a while ago when it was first released and I love this book. There is no part of this manual that disappoints me. I will start with few words From Bobbi Brown herself: […]

Review: Jemma Kid Masterclass

Back in 2012 I originally reviewed all the various makeup books, portfolios and manuals that I own, but I felt that I could do a better job, so I am starting again from the beginning! I have accumulated a few more since them and I thought it might be nice to give a clear and […]

Swatch: MAC Violetta

Here we go, it is that time of the week where I swatch something sexy (or not) onto my lips and over indulge you all in pictures. This week it is MAC “Violetta” in Amplified Creme finish! Product Specifics: Brand: MAC Product: Amplified Creme Lipstick Full Size Price: $17.00 Full Size Product Packaging: Oval lipstick tube with slight metallic finish and matte […]

Explained: Lip Finishes

Lip Finishes Explained A finish describes how something looks after the product has been applied. The finish can focus on the texture, colour and overall result of the lip products. The term finish can be applied to Lips, Eyes, Cheeks and more. This post will focus on the different types of Lip Finishes available. Certain […]

Swatch: MAC New York Apple

Who loves a deep red lipstick? Who loves a deep red metallic lipstick? Then read on! Product Specifics: Brand: MAC Product: Frost Lipstick Full Size Price: $17.00 Full Size Product Packaging: Oval lipstick tube with slight metallic finish and matte silver logo detailing Full Size Net Weight: 3 grams It is not overly special or glamorous, but it has a classy […]