New Releases: Limnit Lipsticks

Earlier this month I received a DM from the lovely Trina to tell me about the 3 new shades from Limnit Lipsticks. These 3 new shades also come with a complimenting collection created by Baroque Cosmetics. So If you love Autumnal shades of eyeshadow that compliment your lipstick, you should definitely check out the the “Archaic […]

Explained: Indie Ingredients

During my Indie Quest, I have found that I have become much more interested in what is actually in my makeup. Of course I always checked ingredients lists for the ‘good stuff’ and for things that I have had reactions to before but now I find myself not only intently reading the ingredients list but […]

Tux Polish: Misc Collection Swatches

It´s been a while since I bought these polishes from, but I´ve finally come around and gotten the pictures edited (mind you, there´s one that turned out completely crap, but oh well…). So like it says in the caption, this is a misc collection swatch since all the polishes aren´t all from the same […]

Chirp Cosmetics Company: Matte Lip Colour

I have some gorgeous swatches for you today, the newly release Matte Lip Colour from Chirp Cosmetics. I was sent these babies to swatch for their website but decided that I also wanted to do a review on them. Handmade in small batches with high quality ingredients, chirp cosmetics company offers a beautiful alternative to conventional makeup Based out […]

Korpse Kosmetics are not safe, a sad encounter…

Back in January, I agreed to join the Korpse Kosmetics Promo team in January based on one of my makeup friends recommendation. The owner was pleased to have me on board and welcomed me to the group. I felt that she is incredibly friendly, helpful and has always taken the time to answer my questions […]

KIM Cosmetics: Donna Bella Lipstick

I enjoyed the KIM Cosmetics Lipsticks that much that I have about HALF of the store to test out. Rather than do it in one big post of information overload I am going to space them out a bit. In the original post I wrote about the company and the ingredients and translated everything from […]

Dreamworld Hermetica Magick Wand Lip Gloss Swatches

This is a bit of a cruel and heartless post. Cruel and heartless because I am about to drop a million beautiful lip colours on you and about half of them have or will soon be discontinued. Mwahaha evil Sian is EVIL! But evilness aside, the lovely and generous Ellie of Dreamworld Hermetica sponsored Stavanger […]

Mad Lab Cosmetics

“Because it’s beautiful to be a little mad. Handcrafted cosmetics for the scientist in all of us.” I first came across Mad Lab Cosmetics on r/IndieMakeupAndMore and purchased the full set of “The Semi-Precious Collection”. At the time, Mad Lab was freshly established and the collection I purchased was the only one they stocked. Mad Lab now […]

KIM Cosmetics

Initially I was interested in KIM Cosmetics because of their location. The USA pretty much has the monopoly on Indie Brands, so I was incredibly intruiged to find a Norwegian one. I spoke with the stores owner a few times as I was interested in their liquid foundations but in the end my addiction to […]

The Makeup Honey on Indie Know!

This week there is no review on The Makeup Honey Blog, instead I am the guest poster on Indie Know, so head on over to Indie Know to check out my review on KIM Cosmetics. KIM is a super sexy, vegan, organic and cruelty free Norwegian Indie Brand. Head on over and give Indie Know […]