I´m Back…

It has been so long since I last posted. The summer has been insanely crazy. We have been working nonstop and I just have not had the energy to sit down and write reviews. So firstly you might notice I said “we”. “We” is Michael Wallin and I. After meeting earlier this year we have becoming strong friends. Since meeting I had hired Michael to assist me on Vampyr Vidar (which is now in postproduction and should be ready for release in the near future!)  and we decided to just go all in, what the hell and a few months ago we opened S&M Effects, or Sian & Michael Effects. As you can imagine that has been pretty busy, lots of paperwork, learning new things and on top of that, we got a  lot of work.


Since I last made an entry on this blog, we have wrapped “Vampyr Vidar”; UFoh! Productions , filmed a TV Pilot: Treningssenteret, fixed costumes and makeup on two Italian short films “Urban Gods” and “My Love, I´m Your Doppleganger” for Noise Film Factory as well as creating Monster Marius for the latter. We have just wrapped on Norwegian feature film “Oljeungen” by Chezville Productions, and we have been working with Blæst and GO Film on their upcoming documentary “Operation Nagasaki” and some of their music video productions.

Then more recently Michael has been flying solo on “Sykkelfugl” (GO Film) as assistant set designer while I was doing the makeup for “Trinny and Susannah” Live show in Kvadrat for Makeup Art.

Crazy summer. That is just some of the stuff we have been up too. We have also done conventions and then there is halloween….the most wonderful time of the year.

So the posts are coming back. The reviews may not be as frequent, and the horror may be more prominent, and the name/url of the blog may change, but I am still here. I am still updating the A-Z Beauty Box lists and I am still deep into my affair with Indie makeup!



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