Update: Life

It has been quiet on The Makeup Honey Blog, and for that I am sorry. A lot of the usual festive posts were left in the draft folder, some not even planned, some not even considered.

Work was very busy over the holiday season, so busy in fact that I begun to get pains in my hands. Being the ever prepared and forward thinking woman that I am, I ignored the pain and kept working. This, as it turns out, was a pretty big mistake. So what happened? Tendonitis happened, in both hands. For about 3 weeks, holding a lip brush was impossible, typing on the computor was not going to happen and even attempting to use my phone, well that was laughable. Hence the reason for the cobwebs and neglect on MHB and our Instagram account.

I am much better not, case and point: I am typing! I am still suffering from the injury, so lip art is still a little way off but I can finally now get back to writing at least.

So all in all, I hope everyone has had a much happier New Year than I have!



  1. Aww, sorry to hear about you getting Tendonitis. Hope you feel better soon!

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