Film: Transit Conjunction

Recently I had the pleasure to work on some special effects for the upcoming Indie movie “Transit Conjunction” by Dir; Fredrick Waldeland and Foton4 Film. I don’t want to share too much about the story line but I thought some behind the scenes snaps might be a little fun to share on this lovely tuesday morning. So enjoy!
2015-11-20 14.32.27

So, I was a little empty on supplies after Halloween but my wonderful boss over at Makeup-Art let me borrow her SFX kits and Kaisa (from Vampyr Vidar) helped me out big time with the latex situation. I am so ready for the new Ben Nye order to arrive!

2015-11-20 14.32.21

Its also worth pointing out, look! Behind the scenes pictures of me doing stuff! That never happens. Unknown to me, the Director had sneakily snapped some pictures on my camera that I did not see until late that night when I got home, which was a really nice surprise.

Photo 20.11.2015, 13.25.30

I also stole a picture or two from Thomas Aske Berg´s Instagram feed. You might recognise him as THE Vampyr Vidar, Thomas is acting in this movie, so it was great fun to have the team back together for an easy friday of blood and guts.

Photo 20.11.2015, 14.56.16

So I sculpted the wound using Ben Nye scar wax and sealed it with liquid latex before using my Veil concealers to blend everything in. Here it the basic sculpt pre gore. I actually really liked how this looked pre blood, but it looked so much better all gooey.

2015-11-20 13.23.06

And here is the wound all gooey and juicy. I used a combination of wound filler, thick blood, fresh scratch, scar wax (meltable) and stage blood to fill the wound and hopefully make it look as realistic as possible.

Photo 20.11.2015, 19.32.13

And of course no wound like this would be painless so Thomas needed a decent helping of sweat, so out came the glycerin to give him that sweaty “in pain” look without dehydrating the poor guy. I also washed out his face with a few different concealers from my Veil kit.

Photo 20.11.2015, 15.29.24

Anyway, thats basically it but heres a few more pictures from set. I didn’t take as many as normal as there wasn’t a whole lot going on and a very small place to be. But I hope you enjoy this sneak peak! The movie should be released in February!

Photo 20.11.2015, 13.22.41

Director and Producer

Photo 20.11.2015, 12.59.14

Camera man

Photo 20.11.2015, 12.57.42

Poor Thomas squashed in a bath

Photo 20.11.2015, 15.24.42

Thomas doing his best impression of Jack Nicholson


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