Halloween Mayhem

My goodness, I feel like I haven’t sat down to play with my collection or write a review in weeks, no wait it has been weeks! So sorry! I have even not really had time for Instagram or Snapchat, oh the humanity!

It has been crazy busy here in Makeup heaven for my favourite time of the year. I am always a little busy with Halloween but this year with my new job, I have had Halloween makeups coming out of my ears. Unfortunately, as it was work for customers, I haven’t been able to make tutorials or step by steps this year, so instead enjoy a small pic dump of all the looks I have created during October!


To kick off the Halloween season I had my first lovely customer who wished to be an Avatar. She had a body suit and contacts but unfortunately I did not get to see her in full costume, but this is how she looked when she left my work place.


Following the avatar I had some fun times teaching my friend Carina (@camyto on instagram) how to use some Ben Nye SFX products. Since she helped me out with the Demon Goat Queen Makeup for Vampyr Vidar (post on that coming soon) a few weeks ago she has really caught the SFX bug. So she transformed her fathers band into Redneck zombies for Halloween (pictures on her Instagram, check it out, she is awesome)


Arn´t we just gorgeous? This was just a practice “get to know” the products so it is by far not my best work but certainly fun to spend some quality girl time getting nasty. Carina did her face while I did mine and our kids thought it was awesome.12095221_1235355576481342_2344674603981165826_o

In-between all this I was working at Makeup-Art doing normal services like nails but equally planning for the big day. So I did have a little time to get a few looks in, in preparation for the great children´s facepaint experience of 2015!


This skull is also my first (terrible) attempt at editing an image more than the colour balance. However the point of it was a simple skull that could be used for a kids face paint. In the end I decided it was a bit scary for 3 year olds so I went with a more cartoon like design on the day.11260714_1233297650020468_5354989584963853638_o

My little lady, being the budding lipstick addict that she is, requested a witch, many, many, many times.Unfortunately she doesn’t always pose for pictures so this was the first attempt and again, the final makeup design was quite different to this. She also learned to let me blend after a few attempts!


Next up I had this wonderful couple come in who were getting ready for their annual Halloween party. They came with some reference pictures of looks they found online, so these are not my original creations, just a version of someone else idea. The gentleman was the illusion of an alien in a long black cape with hood.12186534_1238448456172054_2256858691315134277_o

While his wife was (what I thought) a Bride of Frankenstein, though she thought that it was a ghost, so you decide!

12189842_940818139305984_3250548435900350011_nThen came Halloween day. On the day from 12:00-15:00 I was stood outside Makeup-Art doing free face paints for all the little monsters out in the mall. In total i painted up 35 little skeletons, rabbits, bombs, princess´, witchs, hulks and misc monsters, with happy smiles all round.

12049716_10156201194405191_8687393009219304595_nAnd to finish off the day this gentleman wanted a skull for the Halloween party he was hosting. Originally this was supposed to be a colourful UV reactive makeup but around part way through, ideas were changed and blood was added, leaving a very happy skellyman ready for his night of ghouls and horror.


In between all of this I did find a small amount of time to throw together a Halloween Lip Art collaboration with  @danae_jean, @RyanKellyMUA, @BeautyByPaisley, @OldDollsStillPlay, @KarlaCruz and @emmyklomp. They are a bunch of fantastic talent which you should definitely check out if you don’t already stalk them, I mean follow them, on Instagram like myself.

AND FINALLY! LIT Cosmetics #GlitterFriday is BACK! So don’t forget to check out this weeks theme and get your entries in!


I hope everyone has a great week!



  1. These are some pretty good masks, avatar is my favorite one 🙂

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