Life Update!

We have been very quite recently on the social media front. Nadine has moved to Denmark and is in Cinema Makeup school, learning amazing stuff but she has very little time to spare for blogging. She hopes to be back with us soon but for now her priorities must be with school.


Lene has a new job, has moved house and only in the last few days managed to get a working internet connection in her new place. Lene has also been working in OPI Pop up stores around Bergen, showing off her nail art skills.


She just this week started putting out Instagram posts and snaps after a 3 week break! I was having nail withdrawal issues!

Photo 29.09.15, 10.00.32

My very first day, watching the shutter go up for the first time and feeling slightly sick with nerves!

Myself, I have been busy reviewing, photographing and testing products, creating a Disney Princess Lipart series, working on the Movie Vampyr Vidar as SFX and I also started my new job this week.

As much as I love running my own little salon and dream of opening a specialist makeup store, I simply do not have time to make that commitment right now. Instead I have found myself a home at the Makeup-Art Store in Kvadrat (our local shopping mall). There I will be working around 70% so that I still have time for my movie and photoshoot commitments. Everything I do now for myself I will be doing for Makeup-Art, with a team of amazing ladies and gents.

Photo 29.09.15, 14.27.34

My first ever in store display!

Of course working in a makeup store may not be healthy for my lip addiction or bank account but Im willing to take that risk.

Photo 03.10.15, 14.54.41

Damn my lip addiction, already spending money!

I have already picked up a few products which I am in the process of testing. I have the Lipsmart Ultra Hydrating Lip Treatment Moisturiser and Volumizer, a tonne of Babor Skincare products and I just heard I will be getting a product from Proto-col to check out. I feel spoiled!


The first set of nails! First time using CND Shellac and Gelé

So, we are still here, just busy in the real world but have no fear, the cyber world is making a comeback. You can follow me on Snapchat if you want to see what is happening on a daily basis (makeup-honey) or just sit tight and wait for the posts to start flowing again!

Have a great weekend!


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