Tag Tuesday: Lip Lovin’

Since I (Sian) am a self confessed lip product addict, I thought I might create my own Beauty Blogger Tag Challenge which is all about lips. There are no rules as such, just answer the questions if you got tagged to do so, and if you didn’t get tagged, do them anyway! Just comment with a link to your answers so I can read all about your own Lip Lovin’ adventures!

1. What was the first lipstick you ever owned?

Sian: It was a Miss Sporty lipstick I got free with a subscription to Shout! magazine when I was 13. I loved that listick and wore it right down to the end. I only wish that 28 year old me could go back and tell 13 year old me that frosty white/pink lipstick was not an attractive look on my almost white skin.


2. Which lip product has been the biggest disappointment?

Sian: That has to be Barry M “Cherry Sparkle” Lip Gloss that they released for Valentines Day in 2012 (I think). It is a red gloss, packed full of glitter and on all the promos it looked amazing. I just HAD to have it, so I waited patiently for the international post to arrive and when I got it…it just sucked. I had to put about 12 layers on to get even half of the glitter coverage in the promo pictures, it stank of plastic bubblegum cherries and was unbelievably sticky. I still have it but I haven’t touched it since.


3. Which lipstick is your holy grail product?

Sian: I switch up lipsticks quite often but one I usually go back to is the MAC Cremesheen Naked Proof from the Rebecca Mosses Collection a few years ago. It is basically MMLB and just works really nicely for my complexion.


4. Roughly how many lipsticks do you own?

Sian: Erm, if I publicly declare that answer my husband might have a melt down. Lets just say he owns more books than I own lipsticks…just…

5. If you could only ever have 3 lip products for the rest of your life, which 3 would they be and why?

Sian: Clarins Hydraquench Lip Balm because balm is always needed, Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick in “Unicorn Blood” and KIM Cosmetics Organic Lipstick in “Donna Bella”. That way I am covered for a dramatic lip and a day lip.


6. Matte or glossy?

Sian: Matte. I hate sticky lips especially when I am working in the salon. Nail dust stuck to your lipstick is just disgusting!


7. Which is the most expensive lipstick you own?

Sian: I think probably the Estee Lauder Lipsticks I have. They are around $30 each though I might have some higher end but I can’t think of any right now.


8. What is the cheapest lippie in your collection?

Sian: Collection 2000 Matte Lip Creme, got it in the UK at Asda for £1.99 on a buy 3 pay for 2 offer.


9. What is your favourite non lipstick lip product?

Sian: The Lipcote Lipstick sealer! That stuff makes your lipstick last for years no matter what or how much you eat and drink.


10. What non traditional lip colour would you love to see come into fashion?

Sian: Blue, either a turquoise blue or a deep midnight blue. That would be awesome to wear daily without sideways glances and funny looks from people.




  1. totally going to do this on my blog!! Thanks for the ideas! I will link your blog


  2. So fun, I’m going to give this one a try! 🙂

  3. I love it!


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