Explained: Baked Makeup

Although baked makeup has been around for a few years now, just recently it seems to have seriously taken off. Head to any makeup counter or drugstore PoS and you will find that each brand has its own baked products ranging from eyeshadows to blusher and bronzers.

But the question remains, what exactly is baked makeup?


Baked products begin life as powdered ingredients suspended in a liquid. Although each brand produces different shades and colourings you will find that the general ingredients do not vary that much and usually include ingredients such as Mica, Talc, Mineral Oils, Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, Titanium Dioxides and Iron Oxides.

The liquid mixture generally carries a higher volume of pigment and much less talc that their pressed counterparts which makes the end result substantially more vibrant and much more durable.

To get the liquid into a solid, it is usually baked in the sun or oven baked on terracotta tiles. The liquid reacts in a similar way to a cake which is cooking and raises. That is how you get that beautiful dome shape. The product is then left to harden or set.

Due to the reduced amounts of talc and the lack of compression the product is much more durable and far less likely to crumble. Which is definately good news for our makeup bags! The lack of talc also means that the the blending of the product is so much easier and the colour payoff can be immense. If you really want your baked products to show off their true pigmentation then apply them wet. Then you will see their true popping power. Wet application also vastly increases the products staying power, lasting much longer than a dry application.


Although baked products might be slightly more expensive that the more traditional pressed products, you will find that baked products suit a much wider range of skin tones and types. The marbling effect we are so used to seeing allows the same product to suit many skin tones and proves a useful addition to MUA’s or makeup addicts kit bags.

Header Photo taken from Bubblegarm’s Blog… Check it out it is awesome



  1. I have used different baked bronzers in the past; it wasn’t bad at all

  2. Great explanation, I never really understood what the difference was before! Just thought it was a marketing term haha xx

    • Yes me too! It was´t until I started looking into it and got a few baked products that I started to really see the difference. I still prefer the traditional pressed powders but the baked ones I have I certainly enjoy 😀

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