Explained: Acronyms, Abbreviations and Makeup Forum Shorthand

Just like the confusing world of hashtags, forums, YouTubers, Instagrammers, Beauty Bloggers etc all have their own special little language relating to the world of makeup. This language consists of acronyms, initialisms and abbreviations which at first glance look like some kind of crazy code but really most of them are pretty simple.

I had looked around the web for a decent glossary but only found forum specific collections which may or may not be useful so instead I have compiled my own list, complete with definitions, to make everything just a little easier on your eyes.

Brand Types:

IB – Indie Brand or Independant Brand Makeup

DS – Drugstore Makeup

OTC – Over The Counter

PL – Private Label

VM – Vegan Makeup

VF – Vegetarian Friendly

MMU – Mineral Makeup

HE – High End Makeup

LUXE – Luxury Brands


BB – Blemish Balm or Beauty Balm

TM – Tinted Moisturizer

LG – Lipgloss

EL – Eyeliner

ES – Eyeshadow

FNDT – Foundation

FP – Finishing Powder

LL – Liquid Liner

LS – Lipstick

LIPPY – Lipstick

MO – Mineral Oil

AHA – Alpha Hydroxy Acid

BHA – Beta Hydroxy Acid

Buying, Selling Makeup and Makeup Swaps/Exchanges:

GWP – Gift With Purchase

BIN -Buy It Now

BN – Brand New

BNNB: B rand New No Box

BNWB – Brand New With Box

BNIB – Brand New In Box

LNIB – Like New In Box

NIB – New In Box

NWT – New With Tags

NWOT – New Without Tags

RIS – Received In Swap

SIB – Still In Box

TAT – Turn Around Time

BOGOF – Buy One Get One Free

CP – Custom Purchase

EBA – Ebay Aquisition

GC – Gift Card/Gift Certificate

LE – Limited Edition

DC – Discontinued

DC’ED – Discontinued

DC – Delivery/Dispatch Confirmation

SA – Sales Assistant

BC – Beauty Consultant

BA – Beauty Advisor

General Makeup Talk:

B&A – Before and After

CCW – Criticism Welcome

FOTD – Face Of The Day

LOTD – Look Of The Day

EOTD – Eye Of The Day

NOTD – Nail Of The Day

FOTN – Face Of The Night

LOTN – Look Of The Night

EOTN – Eye Of The Night

NOTN – Nail Of The Night

NOTW – Nail Of The Week

OOTD – Outfit Of The Day

OOTN –  Outfit Of The Night

WAYWT – What Are You Wearing Today

WIWT – What I Wore Today

MLBB – My Lips But Better

YLBB – Your Lips But Better

TDF – To Die For

HG – Holy Grail

HGP – Holy Grail Product

PSA – Public Service Announcement

PRO – Professional

UV – Ultra Violet

SPF – Sun Protection Factor

This post was originally publish on the 15th June 2014 however we talked it over and felt it needed to be updated, so if we missed any please comment below!



  1. This is quite helpful! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. This is super helpful and I discovered words/acronyms I never knew. Thanks for this post!

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