Review: Rae Morris Ultimate Makeup Guide

So this week I’m going to talk about my favourite makeup manual the Rae Morris Ultimate Makeup Guide. Written by Rae Morris and Photography by Steven Chee. If you are not familiar with the work of Rae Morris then I strongly suggest you get familiar with it. She really is amazing. You can see her work on her website

“Rae is not a just a make up artist, Rae is a brilliant person with a heart made from love – She just happens to be one of the most talented people I’ve met!!! Her art is a performance, your face her stage. Whether it’s a colourfully enchanting Opera or a mesmerising ballet – Rae will always play selflessly to her audience.” Gok Wan, UK Fashion Expert

Photo 24.01.13 11 59 28One of the things that I really love about this book is that she doesn’t try and sell you her products. She doesn’t try and sell you any products. Everything mentioned is a very generic description, Creme Blush, Rounded Brush, Liquid Eyeliner etc.

The book itself is written in a very easy to understand manner and the first time I read it, I went cover to cover without stopping. I couldn’t put it down. The book is structured in a sensible manner, beginning with tools, essentials and skin prepping before moving on to the different areas of the face. The book has incredibly comprehensive guides for Asian and Over 40s. Two areas which other guides often overlook. Knowing how to deal with mature skin and different face types can be the difference between a good makeup and an amazing makeup. Morris tries to make sure that you don’t just know how to use your makeup but that you understand it as well.

Photo 24.01.13 12 00 11The photographs in the book are taken by Steven Chee, an amazing fashion and beauty photographer. All of the images in the book are of amazing quality and they make the book a pleasure to handle. Each picture is completely relevant to the text beside it and no space is wasted. At no point while using this book do you think, “I would rather have more information than that photograph”.Photo 24.01.13 12 01 29Each step by step tutorial is clear and pictured perfectly. There is no confusion with what is going on in the tutorial images. Most of the tutorials are around 4 steps. Many times when looking at a tutorial you see that the makeup has changed, or advanced without the author acknowledging it. This is not the case in Rae Morris’ book. Even the 10 minute makeup section is very clear to follow and doesn’t skip anything out.

I really don’t have anything bad to say about this book. It gives you brilliant everyday looks, great night time/party looks and has some amazing inspirational images. I could go into so much more detail but I really don’t want to spoil the book for you.



  1. That picture of the false lashes on the lash curler kind of freaks me out – it’s like some poor person lost her lashes in an unfortunate lash curling incident! 😛
    I love looking at pretty makeup books! So great for inspiration.

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