Flashback: Sleek LE Olympic Collection

A long while ago, back before the Mini MUA came along, back when the UK hosted the Olympics, Sleek release an LE Collection. I have posted this before, and it was before I got my shiny new camera, so please excuse the picture quality. The reason I am reposting this, is that it is still one of my favourite collections to date and it is #tbt so why not! I no longer have the blush or eyeshadows due to hitting pan and expiration but I do still have the Pout Pot. I wore that for my wedding so that due to sentimental reasons will never leave my collection, even if it is not really very good anymore. So for the sake of nostalgia, here is the Sleek 2012 Olympic Collection!20121025-182804.jpg
As you can probably see from the super patriotic packaging, this collection was released for the 2012 Olympic Games in London. It is not just the packaging which is patriotic, even the product names are Olympic and patriotic. You have the Pride Pout Polish, Honour Blush and Glory Eyeshadow Palette. I will start with the Honour Blush.

As with all of the Sleek Blush range, this is a highly pigmented product which applies smoothly and is easily build able. It can be worn as a subtle flash of colour or layered up for a more dramatic look. The Blush itself is, in my opinion, erring on the side of a bronzer, as it is a rather brown blush. Sleek describes it as a shimmer blush but it is a very subtle shimmer so, for the paler skin toned like myself, you could use this as a contour without worrying that the shimmer would ruin the effect.

The Pout Polish is named Pride and this has to be one of my favourite shades in the pout polish range, although Raspberry Rhapsody does come a very close second.

The Pout Polish itself is almost a duo chrome experience. In the pot it looks to be a neutral shade with a golden shimmery glow which catches the light. Applied it is a beautifully sheer neutral balm which still retains the golden shimmer when caught in the light. Pout Polishes, if you are not familiar with the product, are an SPF15 Tinted Lip Balm. For me it is everything I need in a lip product; conditioning, glossy and colourful without the feeling of too many layers or stickiness.

Now onto the big one. The Glory Eyeshadow Palette. This palette contains everything you need to create a patriotic look, wether it is inspired by the Union Jack, St. George’s Cross, the Welsh Dragon, Irish Flag or the Scottish Cross.

Continuing with the London 2012 Olympic Games theme, each shadow is named after prominent London locations that even a one time tourist would recognise. Starting at the Tube we travel through the Overground hitting Bakerloo and Jubilee before coming to Platform in the Northern District. From there the naming continues from Hammersmith and City to Piccadilly, swinging by the Circle, approaching Victoria and finally ending at Central. That was fun!

The shadows contained in the palette are mainly shimmer with only Platform and Central being matte shades. Initially I was disappointed with the lack of a white in the palette but after swatching everything I realised my disappointment was naive and premature.

As you can see from this selection of swatches, Tube is a more than effective highlighting option. No need for boring old white here. In case you require your highlights a bit creamier then maybe Overground is more for you. Either way both of these shades satisfied my lust for white. The other shadows pictured above are District and Hammersmith and City.

Bakerloo,Jubilee and Piccadily are excellent examples of Sleek’s amazing eye products. Highly pigmented and so manageable with only minimal amounts of fall out. At this point I would like to give a special mention to Circle. I have a huge number of bright yellow eyeshadows and almost all of them are rubbish. It seems to me that yellow is one of those colours that is hard to get right. Even Sleek on one or two of their other palettes have produced a disappointing yellow. Either the shadowy is too hard with no payoff or it is so soft there is more fallout than shadow. However with Circle Sleek got it perfect. This is my favourite shadow from the whole palette.

Here we have the two matte shades from the palette, Platform and Central. I was really disappointed with Platform as I just felt it was such a hard and talcy shadow with almost no colour payoff. I was able to layer it up and get some colour there but after such nice smooth, pigmented shadows in the rest of the palette it was an unpleasant surprise. Central was a much more pleasing matte, behaving in the same way the others had.




  1. Oh my gosh, that Honour blush is to die for! I’ve had the Sleek blush in Suede on my wish list for ages. It’s so difficult to get access to the brand here in Canada. And if I was to buy it online, it would end up costing the price of a MAC blush! 😛 Great post and swatches!

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