Swatch: MAC Violetta

Here we go, it is that time of the week where I swatch something sexy (or not) onto my lips and over indulge you all in pictures. This week it is MAC “Violetta” in Amplified Creme finish!

Product Specifics:

Brand: MAC

Product: Amplified Creme Lipstick

Full Size Price: $17.00

Full Size Product Packaging: Oval lipstick tube with slight metallic finish and matte silver logo detailing

Full Size Net Weight: 3 grams

Photo 27.07.15, 12.50.14

The usual classic MAC packaging, this particular shade is part of the regular collection, so do not worry about it flying off the shelves never to be seen again.Photo 27.07.15, 13.28.34

Looks pretty awesome! The finish of this is Amplified Creme (which is actually the same as the usual Amplified finish). Amplified in MAC world means  that the product is soft and creamy. It gives you a soft gloss finish and the pigmentation of the bullet is quite strong, but certainly not the strongest MAC has to offer. Due to the finish being so soft and glossy, the wear time is low, like terrible. Maybe you will get an hour or so out of it before needing to reapply.Photo 27.07.15, 13.29.07

This really is a fabulous colour to look at, so much shimmer, so much purple.

Photo 27.07.15, 13.41.27

The only downside to this shade is that because it is so sheer, if you are a matte addict or suffer from dry lips, coverage can be a bit of a problem. As you can see in the lip swatch below, the product clings to dry patches, leaving a blotchy finish.

Photo 11.08.15, 15.27.46


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