Easy Chevron Nails

Saturday nails are here! And I´m still in the easy corner, but hey, that´s great too, cause things don´t always have to be complicated. School and work has probably started for most of us by now, so doing some easy nails seemed appropriate when we´re IMG_6369all trying to get back in to out daily routine and just need some quick fixes.

So this design is not that innovating, it´s just a simple negative space chevron design using wide nailguides from whatsupnail.com. They are my favorite brand of nailguides as they don´t tear the polish when you remove them and they are almost static and cling very nicely to the nail leaving a perfect result.

I deceided to do a negative space chevron, but you can of course use whatever colour you want underneath, just remember that it has to be completely dry. Use a quick dry top coat or quick dry drops.

The base coat I´m using now is Nails Inc Nailkale Superfood base coat, you can get it at net-a-porter, or if you´re in Norway you can buy it at your local Vita Store (or online at vita.no). I like to change my base coats now and then just to give my nails some variation. That being said, this is one of the better base coats I´ve tried.


The pink colour I´ve used is Depend Cosmetics 7Day Hybrid Polish: Dancin´ Barefoot. It´s a pale, semi transparent pink that still covers quite well in two coats. Feel free to watch my review video of these hybrid polishes.


Hope you all have a wonderfull weekend, please enjoy todays tutorial and don´t forget to check me out on instagram; @drommelakken.


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