A New Chapter In My Life

It have been such a long time since i last blogged here.
Its not because i dont want to, but my days have been so filled up with stuff since i moved to Copenhagen!

So what am i doing down here? Im following my biggest dream going to beauty school to become a Makeup Artist and Stylist!!
Its so scary but still so amazing! We are 7 girls in my class and we all go together like a perfect match.
I have school 3 days a week right now, but from October i will also have Makeup so then i will have school Monday to Friday, and to be honest i cant wait!!!


Okay so here is the makeup we got in our makeup kit, theres a lot from mac and some other brands.
We have used some of the things, but we are going to MAC here in Copenhagen to learn everything about the things before we get to play around with it!





Here is my first try on a all natural makeup look, we only did the face, no eye makeup or mascara, contour etc. Only the basic and man i have to say i didn’t know it would be so hard to do a natural makeup look!
Theres a lot of prepping before you get to do the actual “makeup”.
But still i love it! I love learning the stuff properly and then be able to say “im a pro”

1514621_948923155146361_2449655386410610461_n 11892109_948923158479694_4107026129561424669_n










So every Wednesday evening we have hair class. Here we are learning how to set up hair and style it! Who knew there would be so many ways to curl a hair… or so many different ways braiding hair. Its so much learning and im in love!!!!



So i havnt yet started on my makeup class, right now im at the stylist class, but we have makeup and hair there too! So in October i will start on my makeup class.
So since im in stylist class we have a lot of different stuff we are learning, like fashion draping, its so much fun! I think you will have to experience it before you really know how much fun and how much there is to learn.

I would really recommend going to school if you wanna become a makeup artist or stylist, even tho its a thing you may not need an education for, you still learn a lot of tips and tricks to make it perfect that you never would have learned on your own!


So this became a long post, but i really hope you liked seeing how im doing down here.
I promis there will be more videos etc later when im all done running around like im doing right now!







  1. How exciting! Good for you for following your dream! 🙂 So envious of your makeup kit!

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