Swatch: MAC New York Apple

Who loves a deep red lipstick? Who loves a deep red metallic lipstick? Then read on!

Product Specifics:

Brand: MAC

Product: Frost Lipstick

Full Size Price: $17.00

Full Size Product Packaging: Oval lipstick tube with slight metallic finish and matte silver logo detailing

Full Size Net Weight: 3 grams

Photo 27.07.15, 12.50.14

It is not overly special or glamorous, but it has a classy feel. I am not embarrassed to pull this out of my makeup purse, the packaging is understated and simple.

Photo 27.07.15, 12.52.41This is one of the Frost finishes, which in MAC terminology basically means that the lipstick has a frosted shimmer effect to it. Overall the Frost range is quite sheer but with a good color pay-off.Photo 27.07.15, 12.53.19This does mean that coverage can be a small issue. If you want completely opaque and solid coverage then you should really look towards on of the Matte finishes (within the MAC brand) or too a different brand altogether. I find that Frost finishes are a touch on the streaky side and do not last very long at all. High maintenance and decidedly messy as  they will print themselves on every cup, glass or piece of cutlery that comes within reach of your lips. Having said that, most of them are so damn pretty!
Photo 27.07.15, 13.41.27

Photo 11.08.15, 15.27.38



  1. Such a gorgeous colour!

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