Tux Polish: Misc Collection Swatches

It´s been a while since I bought these polishes from tuxpolish.com, but I´ve finally come around and gotten the pictures edited (mind you, there´s one that turned out completely crap, but oh well…). So like it says in the caption, this is a misc collection swatch since all the polishes aren´t all from the same collection, but I have of course written all information down for each picture and there will be direct links to all the polishes.

First of all! Ever heard of Tux Polish? Well, Tux Polish was founded in 2014 as an idea. An idea to create nail lacquer that really focuses on creating unique colors. They love creme polish, glitter bombs, and everything in-between, and work to create polish colours that are classic yet bold, fun, and innovative.

They launched their polish through their Whipped Creme 2015 Collection in January and have since released many new and beautiful polishes and have more exciting new things coming very soon! All of their polishes are 5-free.

That means:

NO Camphor, NO Dibutyl, NO Formaldehyde, NO Formaldehyde Resin, & NO Toluene

And because they are a small company making handmade polishes I love to support them!

So of course I had buy the lot when they offered to open for shipping to Norway just for me!

And as I love discounts, I got a good swatching deal on these lovelies.


Tux Polish 2015 – I need a Vacation ´Strawberry Daiquiri´

´Strawberry Daiquiri´ is a fun sheer reddish-pink polish with a lot of silver, red, and gold glitter and shimmer that looks lovely after two coats, but if you´re like me and like it dense, go for 3-4 thin coats see the difference! This polish really felt like wearing strawberry daiquiri on my nails, and I really felt like a drink when I looked down on them, haha. Even my husband thought this one had a great description.

I wore this for 4 days before it started to chip, so well done! Could possibly have gotten a couple more out of it if I had maintained it with some top coat.


Tux Polish 2015 – Whipper Creme ´Grape Soda´

´Grape Soda´ is a deep fast drying crelly that my camera and lighting unfortunantly didn´t capture at it´s best. This one really did dry very fast and covered the nail nicely in two coats as seen above with no top coat.


Tux Polish 2015 – I need a Vacation ´Sand Castle´

Ok, so you have you´re drink, strawberry daiquiri, and now where are you? The beach of course! Sand Castle is a perfect golden sand glitter and shimmer polish that covers well in two coats. If you don´t wear a top coat over this polish has a grainy sand textured finish.


Tux Polish 2015 – I need a vacation ´Antigua´

And where is it you´re enjoying this nice drink while your toes are digging in the sand? Antigua! You lucky girl! This polish is a Caribbean-Sea-Turquoise creme polish with gold glitter and flakes. Really, really, really nice and perfect coverage, just the way I like it!


Tux Polish 2015 – I need a Vacation ´Coconut Rum`

Strawberry Daiquiri not your thing? How about a Coconut Rum instead? This is an ivory creme polish with gold and bronze shimmer and glitter. A fun alternative to plain white nails, and even though summer is soon over, perfect for a late vacation. Or if you´re lucky enough to live somewhere where there´s never winter, all year around!


Tux Polish 2015 – I need a Vacation ´Miami´

Like if you live in Florida for instance, Miami to be specific. This is a juicy orangey-orange creme polish. Great for summer or to remind you of summer all year long!
“Miami” has some fun microscopic pink and white flecks if you look closely! This also covered well in two coats and had great durability. Orange isn´t really my colour as I have a dull and yellow tinted skin tone, so yellows and orangeys alwayss bring that out, still a very nice colour!

Also, I got some bonus polishes on my order! (freebies yay!)


Tux Polish 2015 From left to right: ´Princess´ thermal polish warm and cold, ´Golden Boy´, ´Sun Kissed´and ´Poisoned Apple´.


First up from this mini swatch is ´Princess´ which is from the limited edition July 2015. It´s a pretty and delicate light pink that slightly changes colour to a brighter cool pink when it gets cold. The polish has a nice holo finish with lots of micro holographic glitters.

This polish is quite sheer and even though I tried withIMG_6419 three coats it still didn´t cover completely, so I guess this one´s nice if you like it when your natural nail shines through the polish. Personally I don´t since my nails stain very easily (Yup, just like hair, some peoples nails get coloured more easily than others). Whatever I do to prevent nailstaining, it still happens, so I´m really at a point where I don´t care about the stains anymore as long as I cover them up. But I really wish that my nails looked better when wearing sheers. The colour changing properties of this polish was very subtle, but still nice.

IMG_6422 And this is ´Golden Boy´ from the 2015 Whipped Cream Collection, I was a bit unfortunate with the lighting in this one as my lamp broke (…..). But Golden Boy is still a beautiful blue cream with gold shimmer and glitter that covers well and has a nice finish.


´Sun Kissed´ is really a topper, but I just had to cover my nails in this gorgeus dense gold glitter! It´s also got a hint of pink and silver glitters as well and would probably look good over any colour. The glitter specks have different sizes which gives a varied look. I wish I had gotten a larger bottle, cause this one is a stunner!IMG_6425

Last one is ´Poisoned Apple´ which is also a limited edition 2015, so go get it now when they´re still in stock! This is a true red crelly polish full of sparkly holographic glitter! And it really does remind me of the poisoned apple in Snow White. Great coverage and great wear.

I hope you´ve enjoyed this review and found it helpfull in some way and please check out Tux Polish! They´re having an extended summer sale now so you can get a lot of these lovelies at a very discounted prize.

Have a great day, see you soon, and don´t forget to check me out on instagram: @drommelakken. ❤ ❤ ❤


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