Help: Clear Skin

For the last few weeks I have been testing and documenting the Help: Clear Skin acne cure. I am a week or two late on posting this roundup. What with travelling I managed to skip some drinks, so I decided to hold off on the final post until I had consumed the whole trial.  It has been one week since my last drink of Help: Clear Skin and I have nothing but good things to say. My skin, although not completely clear, is a damn sight more appealing now than it was 6 weeks ago when I started the trial. This is the final part of the series, the rest are linked below.

Here are my before pictures from way back in the end of June:



As you can see I was suffering from a lot of angry red blemishes, some of them were very painful and many never made it to a head, choosing to stay as a large painful red lump under the skin. This break out was particularly bad and for some reason worse on the left side of my face. I had tried everything to minimise the breakout, changing my pillow slip each day, touching my face as little as possible, using only mineral “good for you” makeup and still no light at the end of the tunnel. So I was seriously ready to try out the Help: Clear Skin remedy.

Over the course of the trial I could see my skin improving. Within about a week, the outbreak, although still incredibly red, was a lot less painful. While you couldn’t see much of a difference, I could definitely feel a difference.

After 7 days

After 7 days

Although I don´t have a problem going makeup free, you can probably tell from my super happy expression that I really hated having to document the hideous state of my skin.

By the 14 day mark, you could definitely begin to see improvement. The large red blemish were still visible but no longer raised or painful. The sebaceous filaments on my nose were noticeably lighter and my skin was a lot less oily around my nose and mouth area.

After 14 days

After 14 days

At 21 days (or 3 weeks) all the raised red blemishes were gone, leaving only red scars behind. It was at this point I also noticed that my skin was also a lot less red. My nose is often incredibly red around the nostril, philtrum and bride, but I was happy to see that the rosacea was reduced somewhat.

After 21 days

After 21 days


At the end of the trial

It was at this point I began travelling and using makeup regularly again. I used the KIM Handmade and Natural Day & Night Moisturiser and the KIM Foundation, to be gentle on my skin and to help the Help: Clear Skin. The combination of the mineral makeup and Help: Clear skin for the last 2 weeks really tipped my complexion over the edge and it is just wonderful now. My skin is by no means perfect, but comparing the before and after, you can´t deny that some serious improvement happened.

While I still have some darker red scars, those will fade but it has been at least 2 weeks since an angry yellow monster showed up anywhere on my face, or body.





Overall I am really happy with the Help: Clear Skin treatment. It is easy to take and if you leave it next to the kettle then you will never forget to take it. It is small enough to take with you when you travel, even a weeks worth and you don’t really notice that you are on any form of treatment. Well other than the skin improvement.

I´m sold on this and will be grabbing another box. Not only is it a health drink that works, but it is not astronomical pricing. It is £22.95 for a 2 week treatment course but using the code TREAT20 you can pick up 2x 2 week treatments for a 20% discount. There is also a mens version available and an apple flavour jelly supplement that prevents blemish breakouts available on the current campaign.

What do you think? I would love to hear from others who have tried this product! Leave me a comment below so we can compare our results.

Photo 03.06.15, 11.05.53


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