Lemonade Festivale Lace – Easy Stamping Tutorial

Okey, so Sian has already been nagging about how it´s been summer and that we´ve been on vacation and how slow it is to get back into blog shape. Well, I´m not going to spend a lot of time telling you how amazing my summer has been as it has been the quite opposite. I´ve been working double shifts, the weather has been stone cold (except the days when I worked all day of course) and there´s been literally no spare time.

So even though I´ve been doing my nails all summer, both swatching and designs, I´ve not had the energy to edit anything. Sometimes I really wish my hubby could edit my videos for me…. I´m the kind of person who likes to do the cooking, but not put the used utensils and plates in the disher, that´s what husbands (and kids) are for!

Anyways, to start things off after this very slow summer, I just want to show you how to do an easy stamping over a pale yellow.


The base polish used here is Depend 7Day Hybrid Polish ´Lemonade Festival´ from their summer collection. I really love these hybrid polishes, they absolutely deliver in terms of durability. You can watch my review of these polishes here.

IMG_6316This look is very subtle, so if you want a more stand out design you could paint your nails in a brighter yellow or of course any other preferred colour.

One of the most important things to remember when stamping is to let the base colour dry properly so the stamping procedure doesn´t make an indent in your polish. Use therefore a quick dry polish or quick dry drops before you stamp (or wait until it´s completely dry the regular way.)

Also note that it all has to be done fairly quickly; cover the preferred image with a stamping polish or a dense regular polish, spread it and scrape of the excess with a card or a scraper and then quickly pick up the image with the stamper. I almost always use my Creative Shop Stamper, which is this super squishy soft and large stamper that always picks up the image perfecktly, you can get one here.


The stamping plate that I used for this design has become one of my favorites, it´s the BPL-020 from bornprettystore.com, gorgeus large lace patterns that both suit long and short nails. Use the discount code RAUQ10 for 10% discount at checkout.

Hope you enjoy todays tutorial ❤



  1. Those look so good! I am a complete anti-talent when it comes to nail art – I suck!

    Lovely post!


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