July Favourites

We have a first on The Makeup Honey Blog! We have never done a favourites post, so mark your calendars because here is the first one ever! While I was travelling last month I had a limited amount of space and makeup was sacrificed. As a result I was rather choosy about what actually went with me. A couple of these items I picked up while travelling and fell in love instantly but a few I would say have been favourites for a while. So for the month of June ( a few days late I know) the favourites, in this order are as follows:

  • KIM Handmade & Natural Cosmetics Day & Night Cream
  • MAC Fix+
  • KIM Handmade & Natural Liquid Mineral Foundation “Cold Light”
  • Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer “Light”
  • 17 Pressed Powder
  • Collection Orange Lip Balm

Photo 27.07.15, 12.23.26

I have dry skin and oily skin, moisturiser has always been a bit of a problem for me. What soothes one part of my face can break the other side out like nobodies business. I admit, when KIM sent me the Day & Night cream, I was hesitant to use it having only just managed to fix my skin with the aid of Help: Clear Skin (four week treatment, seriously check it out!) So I tried it for about a week before I went away and I was in love immediately. It smells great and is full nourishing ingredients that really cleaned up my face. By around day 4 I actually felt that I could go without foundation, even my rosacea patches were calming down, so I decided I would see how the KIM Foundation functioned alongside the Moisturiser. Now both products contain generous helpings of apricot kernel oil, Avocado Butter, Aloe Vera Gel, Glycerin, Lecithin, Allantoin and Vitamin E oil. So you do need to have a setting powder ready if you do not want the dewy finish. But my skin right now is fantastic. It is clear and smooth, no hint of dry patches, of course getting a little sun on holiday will have helped but by the second week of travelling I actually was only using the foundation, not because I felt that I needed it but as a gentle sunblock for my fussy skin.

Photo 27.07.15, 13.45.34

I had previously been using Soap & Glory “Blot It Out” translucent setting powder but I was out and decided to pick some up at the airport. Wrong! They were all out of sock so I grabbed a cheaper drugstore brand thinking “this will do for now”. I actually grabbed 17, with is the trendy younger sister to Boots own No7 brand. I fell in love immediately. Although it is not translucent, it is not too dark for me, a coloured powder that doesn’t make my pale skin look yellow? SOLD! It is a pressed powder but it applies almost like a dust, you need to either really press it in or fluff a powder brush over your face afterwards. If I got a little heavy handed and cake like then that was where favourite number 2 came in, MAC Fix+.

Photo 27.07.15, 13.38.30

The Fix+ is not a fixing spray. Used alone it will not makeup your makeup last any longer than normal. Despite the name, it is in fact a setting spray. Setting spray basically merge the layers of makeup together, so you get a lovely natural finish. It will also help to damp down any cakey or dry areas. Its like when you do a crazy nail art, that looks ok but you can see the different layers and coats. Fix+ is the equivalent of Seche Vite. It dries fast and ties everything together for one smooth finish. Thats the simple explanation anyway!

Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer actually made this list by accident. I had little to no interest in straying from my HG concealer (Benefit Boi-ing) but when I checked out the tester in the store I thought I would give it a go. Inside the little container you have 2 shades of concealer, one yellow based and one salmon. There is also a pressed translucent setting powder, puff and a little mirror. Right away I knew this would be a perfect travelling companion, as long as it matched my complexion. I would say that it MOSTLY matches, the salmon shade is a tad dark (but by the end of the holiday it matched perfectly) but I was willing too over look that for the convenience of 3 products in one little package. The sealing powder worked great to set the concealer but also throughout the day to blot away any shine from my face.

Photo 27.07.15, 12.26.02

And finally, I purchased from Collection, one of my favourite English budget brands, what I believed to be, a Baby lips style product. I was very wrong, the product has little to no tint however, it smelled like orange heaven and kept my pout plum and kissable. Because it smelled so good, I was even able to get the kids to use it when they got dry from being in the sun and the pool.

Photo 27.07.15, 12.46.32

I have a feeling that the KIM products will remain firm favourites, which reminds me, I must get a refill on that moisturiser!

Until next time, catch you later!


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