theBalm: theBalm Girls Lipstick

A couple of weeks ago before I went on holiday, I received a fantastic care package from theBalm (Eu). They were kind enough to send me a whole heap of goodies, including three of theBalm Girls Lipsticks. So today I have the swatches for you!

theBalm cosmetics boasts a complete line of makeup, skin care, hair care and nail polish. With a “beauty in five minutes” philosophy, theBalm’s multi-use, mega fabulous products have become its calling card, offering quick fixes and wondrous solutions for a wide range of beauty wants and needs. The company’s wearable colors and fantastic formulas allow women to release their inner artist so they can look and feel fabulous. In 2004, Marissa Shipman, founder of theBalm, realized there were a few simple products she needed to help her look and feel glam all the time-and if she needed them, other women did too… Marissa decided to indulge her cosmetic curiosities and went to Amazon where she bought 11 books on how to make makeup and started mixing in her kitchen. “I went makeup crazy. I incorporated the company, worked out a budget, hired a chemist and designed a website.” She began integrating anti-aging ingredients, triple-milled pigments, fabulous scents…and theBalm was born. Fast forward ten years, you can now find theBalm’s Paraben and Cruelty-Free products worldwide.

Quote taken from theBalm “About Us” section of their website

Photo 03.06.15, 11.45.21

I have previously tried theBalm Read My Lips Lipsticks (which are sadly now only available in gloss format) and rather enjoyed those, so I was incredibly excited to try out theBalm Girls range. In total there are six shades and I received three to play with.

Photo 03.06.15, 11.45.41

As with all theBalm goodies, the packaging is cute as hell. The collection, like many of their others, is entered around the idea that you are in a romance movie and your makeup is the female after the hunk. It is a cute idea, and all of the lipsticks in this range are female names which reference wanting a man or romance.

Photo 03.06.15, 11.46.13

Each tube is a round headed tube, the same shape as a MAC lipstick but these are made of metal rather than plastic. They have a matte silver finish with a chrome band around the middle to add a little detail. On the flat end you find a small sticker with the shade name, net weight, company name and advised expiration. The tubes are very simple, plain and maybe not immediately recognisable as theBalm as the previous collection was. I really liked the old  paper packing for the Read My Lips collection but this new metal tube definitely holds up better in my makeup bag.

“Mia Moore”

Photo 03.06.15, 11.48.25

“Mia Moore” is a traditional glamour red. I felt that the colour payoff was excellent and that the product slide on easily without much need for touch ups. It is a moisturising lip product so you are left with “wet” finish, but you can easily matte down the lipstick with a touch of translucent powder.


I wore this shade quite recently and was reasonably impressed with the wear time. Usually I do not go for gloss or “wet” finishes as they tend to ruin my coffee cup and need a lot more maintenance. Not to mention when I am working, nail dust gets stuck to them ERGH! But as I was on holiday I let the glossy lips fly and I had about 3 hours wear time before I needed to touch up the inside of my lips. I found that my pout stayed soft and plump all day and felt as though I had been wearing a lip conditioner.

“Amanda KissMyLips”

Photo 03.06.15, 11.47.23

This lipstick is a bit of a liar. The packaging had a deep purple eggplant shade on the end with the shade information on, so I assumed that this would be a purple lipstick. However, on opening the tube up I found that the bullet was brown. I actually thought that maybe I had received a lipstick that had been packaged wrong but no, this brown looking lipstick is in fact the correct shade of deep brown regardless of the purple square on the packaging.


Honestly, I hated “Amanda KissMyLips”. It has the same problems that many other brands do. Dark shades just do not work well as glosses or with slick wet look finishes. although it applied easily, the product streaked across my lips and it was hard to get an even coverage that did not look patchy. Blotting and translucent powder helps but then you may as well use a matte shade because the lovely gloss is lost. I loved the colour but I probably won’t wear this one anytime soon as it is simply too much effort to get right and maintain.

“Ima Goodkisser”

Photo 03.06.15, 11.46.34

This little beauty made up for all the disappointment because this was AMAZEBALLS! The shade indicator on the package pointed to a coral pink and so did the bullet but on application, it is a gorgeous pearly pink with just a hint of coral.


If I had seen this as a swatch I honestly would never have chosen it as I would have (wrongly) guessed that it would wash me out and be too pale. The same way I felt before I swatched KIM Cosmetics “Donna Bella” but in exactly the same way I would have been so very wrong. This shade looked great on me and I regularly wear this when I am not feeling like a statement lip. I also noticed that “Ima GoodKisser” has a much better wear time at 5 hours, even with eating and drinking. This might be because it is a lighter and more subtle shade it does not require heavy maintenance, or it could just be a tougher formula due to the pigments used. Of the three I tried, this was the stand out top performer.

Of course, the real test for me is how the products handle creatively. So I grabbed some LIT and tried out some lip art with “Mia Moore”

11232894_1167592509924316_7587456954342809420_n Result? Nailed it. Because theBalm Girls Lipstick range has the slightly glossy finish, I actually did not both with the Clearly Liquid Glitter Adhesive I normally use with lip art. I just patted on some “Fire Starter” size 3 from LIT and then used Illamasqua Liquid Metal “Phenomena” (disc.) to outline the heart shape.

I also have the “How About Them Apple” lip and cheek palette and “Meet Matt(e) Nude” eyeshadow palette to show you swatches of. I will be sharing more swatches and lip art on my Instagram and if you want to see some behind the blog action the add me on Snapchat!(username: makeup-honey)



  1. Gorgeous colours!

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