Chirp Cosmetics Company: Matte Lip Colour

I have some gorgeous swatches for you today, the newly release Matte Lip Colour from Chirp Cosmetics. I was sent these babies to swatch for their website but decided that I also wanted to do a review on them.

Handmade in small batches with high quality ingredients, chirp cosmetics company offers a beautiful alternative to conventional makeup

Based out of sault ste. marie, ontario, chirp cosmetics company began with a vision to offer unique makeup colours based on both popular and timeless looks. there is so much unique inspiration everywhere! an added bonus to the beauty of the products is that they all have a natural and/or mineral base.

Chirp Cosmetics Company is the fruit of a true partnership. we are a married couple who live in Sault Ste. Marie, ON, and we run everything to do with chirp! she’s been arty all her life, loves playing with colour, and just so happens to have a knack for science. she makes, wears, sells, and talks to people about chirp’s makeup. he is a gamer, programmer, graphic designer and sign manufacturer, and he does the design, promotional signage, and packaging.

The name chirp has an unexpected and short story behind it. when our cat is in an affectionate mood, she communicates with us in chirps. and we love her to bits! so it was a natural fit for our company’s name.

Quote taken from the “About Us” Section of Chirp Cosmetics Website

Photo 27.07.15, 12.54.58So the samples come in little plastic clam shells with a clear plastic sticker with the Chirp logo on. On the underside there is a white sticker which has the shade name, company info, product type, ingredients listings in both English and French. I was very impressed with the not only the information contained within the label but also the label quality. These are not paper home printed labels with the resolution of a potato. I would guess that these have been professionally printed. With such care and attention paid to sample presentation, I can only imagine that the full sized products are impeccable.

Photo 27.07.15, 12.57.09Inside the clam shells. I would guess that they are about half full. The website puts the content at 3ml. You can also purchase 1ml samples in baggies or the full sized 4ml lipstick tube. If you purchase either of the samples then you will need a lip brush. I did try to apply these with my finger but due to the pigmentation and solid nature of the product, it just looked a hot mess. So break out the brushes!

Photo 27.07.15, 12.58.55With each order you get this lovely little postcard full of information. This is the front.

Photo 27.07.15, 12.59.04Here is the reverse. So just incase you managed to miss the ingredients labels, you also this list which I quite enjoyed. I only have the Mattes but I can easily see what kind of ingredients go into the other products offered by Chirp, as well as a quick “at a glance” over view of the other products they offer.

Photo 27.07.15, 14.08.48Time for the swatches! from left to right, “Vamp”, “Shocker” and “Fruit Punch” Swatches taken in indirect natural light on a clear and sunny day at 11:45am


Photo 27.07.15, 14.23.37 (1)This is “Vamp” which is easily my favourite of the 3. It is an orange inspired red, very similar to Viva La Diva “Red Carpet” or Limnit Lipstick “Punkín”. I found that you really need to work the product initially. As with a lot of matte lip products, there is a slightly resistant layer when the pour is new, but once you have warmed the product up a little with the brush it is fine.

A better view of “Vamp”, I did´t take full face swatches today as I just waxed my brows and
they are so red and way not ready for makeup. I enjoyed how the product applied, it went on reasonably smoothly. I had some very minor “tugging” issues around the edges of my lips but other than that it was very simple to use. Coverage was incredibly even with “Vamp” and pigmentation/colour payoff was impressive. I would compare the performance of these to the Limnit Lipstick range, just a slightly “stiffer” formula


Photo 27.07.15, 14.37.16This here is “Shocker” an incredibly vibrant pink with blueish undertones. It is very similar to KIM Cosmetics “Hot Shock”. As with “Vamp” the application and colour payoff with seriously impressive. I had no issues with uneven applications or the patchiness you sometimes get with matte products.


“Fruit Punch”

Photo 27.07.15, 14.48.49Finally we have “Fruit Punch” which is an orange pink, I don´t have a shade in my indie collection to compare it too. To me it is like Chirp took a really bad ass coral and dumped some pink in there, which is pretty cool if you ask me. I got around 4-5 hours wear time out of each shade before needing to touch up. If I could go longer without coffee then I would guess they would last longer but I´m not just a lip addict, I´m also a coffee fiend!

As you can see from my gorgeous and glowing tan, that I am now back from vacationing. I offer the most sincere apologies for the utter lack of blog activity lately. Lee has been working non stop to make up for missed time during her illness, I have been travelling and slacking off whilst Nadine has moved to Denmark and will be having her first lesson on professional makeup and SFX on Monday! I hope that everything gets back on track and that you all forgive us for missing our postings. I won´t promise lots of posts, just incase life happens again but for now just know that I am back and keep checking on my Instagram (@makeup_honey) and Snapchat (makeup-honey) for updates, clipart and behind the scenes of filming and work!

I will leave you with a few more pictures from the Chirp haul, see you all soon!

Photo 27.07.15, 12.43.13 Photo 27.07.15, 12.43.57 Photo 30.07.15, 00.40.24 Photo 30.07.15, 00.41.38 Photo 30.07.15, 00.42.46



  1. I love how you do close up on your lips. I always wanted to learn how to do close up like that. Gorgeous colors! ☺

    • I have no secret here, I use a little Coolpix P510 Nikon, its a hybrid camera. Its more than point and shoot but not anywhere near a DSLR. It has a generic macro setting on that I use and then I just sit in front of a window. Natural lighting because artifical lighting everytime. That way I get clear pictures and as close to possible, truest representation of the lipstick shade.

  2. i love your lip shape! erm i hope that didnt come off weird. hahahaa but i have a couple of pimples around my lip line that keeps coming, so im so jealous of your perfect lips!

    • I get little pimples and bumps on my lip line too! I hate them. I find that I get the the most when I am doing a lot of computer work because I sit with my chin in my hand and my fingers resting ono my top lip. I know I shouldn’t but I forget!

      I have noticed that I touch my face a lot less when wearing lipstick (for fear of looking like a clown) and also since I started using vegan/natural/mineral/indie brands.

      KIM Cosmetics, Chirp, Little Sparrow and Limnit Lipsticks are like wearing a lip balms all day, no pimples pop up around my lip line. The natural oils used are a huge improvement over the chemicals in drugstore brands 🙂

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