Tag Tuesday!

Ah what a week! All those posts I promised just never happened, I am so sorry. Some of you may have caught my update on Instagram or Facebook, my baby boy was taken ill on holiday and had to have a brief hospital visit. Being Mummy Honey took priority last week. He is all better now and back to pulling his sister’s hair and being a typical little brother.

 This is the Tag which should have been posted last week but ah, such is life! I did the “Do your Boyfriend’s ‘[Husband’s] Makeup” Tag and I really regret not filming it this as it was hilarious. Some of the gems that came out of his mouth were just perfect. Here are a few of my favourites;

It feels like you glued hats on my eye!

-After I had applied his fabulous false eyelashes

All you have done is made me look sick!

-Contouring, making you look sick according to my nearest and dearest

Why did you spend all that time taking the red out of my skin if your just going to paint it back on?

Oh Husband, how little you understand about this wizardry

Mr. Makeup Honey, a long suffering and very patient better half indeed. I am going to let him get his own back and will not make the mistake of not filming. He will be doing my makeup when I get back from holiday. I’m not worried, not at all……


Lene’s opinion on this look was that my Hubby NEEDS to contour his nose everyday. Personally I am envious of the brows. I didn’t pluck the brows, just covered them with creme concealer and powder. I’m still not sure how he thought that he looked sick, though he did admit, in a slightly Silence of the Lambs sort of way, that he would f*** him. A number of his friends thought it was hilarious and I even have 2 of his male friends booked in for their own make overs!


The lipstick my gorgeous hubby is modelling is the newly released “Anna Nicole” by Jeffree Star, which is a gorgeous orange red lipstick.

Hopefully everything is back on track now. We are back in Norway soon, but until then I am going to try and salvage the rest of the holiday and squeeze in a little makeup shopping. Its been 10 days abroad and I havn’t even seen a makeup store yet! I feel like I have gone cold turkey on my lip addiction.

I want to tag Nadine and Lene to fix up their men!



  1. This is hilarious! What a good sense of humor that your husband must have!

  2. Hello Sian!!! Im trying to find all my favourite Instagram amigas, Im so glad I remembered your blog!! I hope you’re well! I remember this photo from your Insta! Hubby looks great, love Anna Nicole!! Lol 🙂 take care xo

  3. Haha. U should do makeup on him more often! 😀 he has nice features for makeup 😂😂

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