DIY – Mint Lip Balm




Hi guys!

Ive been super busy fixing things lately since im moving to Copenhagen next moth!
So i dont have any makeup tutorial up for you, but i wanted to show you how i make my favorite lip balm.

This lip balm makes your lips super soft and its so easy to make. Best of all, you can make it the color you want to!


What you will need is:

  • 4 tps Coconut oil cold pressed and organic
  • 1ts Honey
  • 5 drop Jojoba Olje
  • 5-8 drop peppermint oil (if you dont want it to strong use 5 but if you like it strong like i do use 8)
  • (If you want a color on your lip balm you have to add a tiny bit of lipstick of your choice into it )
  • A bowl to make it in
  • Something to keep it in when its done



Here is just a short step by step in english too:

The first thing i like to start with is to mash the coconut oil so its all smooth, when this is done i just put in all the other ingredients, but not the lipstick.

When everything is blended well together i take a q-tip where i cut off the end, then i use it to scratch a little lipstick off. I just wanted a little color to my lip balm, but if you also want it to leave a color on your lips you will have to add some more lipstick!

So thats it!
Just mix the lipstick and your done.
I like to keep mine in the refrigerator 1 hour before i start using it. It makes my lips super soft and smells good too!

I hope you enjoy this DIY and that you try it! 





  1. For how long can I store it?

  2. Great idea!

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