Easy And Cute Gradient For Short Nails

Hello Lovelies!

It´s saturday and that means my regular nailart post is up! I´m trying my best to catch up on everything that I´ve missed the past two weeks, so WOW do I have a lot do! But I always have time for an easy gradient and hopefully you´ll have no trouble recreating this ❤


I think pink and nude together creates a sweet and lovely summerly look, and to break it up a bit I covered it in a simple and dense white glitterpolish. (They almost look like bubbles in a summerdrink!)


For the Gradient I used Orly ´Kiss the Bride´ and Orly ´Butterflies.

Tips when doing a gradient:

  • Use a regular clean and dry makeup sponge. You clean it simply by covering it with some tape and then removing it. Repeat until all small hairs and loose parts of the sponge is gone. Do this and you will avoid unwanted bumps and lumps in the polish.
  • Put a base colour on, prefferably the lightest colour that you are using in the gradient and wait until it dry (5-10 min) before you contine. This way you get a nice and opaque result.
  • Have enough polish on the sponge! If you have to little the sponge can stick to the polish on the nail and lift it up or you can end up with pieces of the sponge in the polish. Use instead what you think is too much, the sponge will dry up any excess as you continue to roll it over the nail.
  • Start by rolling the sponge over the nail and finish with dabbing it lightly up and down the nail.
  • Wait about 30-60 sec between each layer.
  • Use a peel off base coat or a liquid palisade to avoid too much clean up. (You can also use tape of course!!)


Over the gradient I put on one coat of Nails Inc ´Snowflake´ which is this luscious dense white glitterpolish.

All in all I think this is a fairly cute design that should be easy to copy now during the summerbreak! Check out my video below for a step by step on how to achieve it^^

Have a great weekend, and don´t forget to check me out on instagram: @drommelakken ! ❤


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