How To Get That Perfect Winged Liner

IMG_0155 (1)


How many times have you been struggling with that eyeliner?
Belive me i’ve been there, doing you liner can be so hard, and you many times end up wiping everything off again because you put liner everywhere.

Well no more!
If you just invest in a good brush and a good gel liner i promise you, you will never ever have a problem doing your liner ever again.



In this video i’m showing you how I do my winged liner.
When I first got my Zoeva 317 brush my liner went from okay to perfect. This brush makes doing you liner a easy game, its the perfect length and its thin so you dont have to worry about that wing getting to fat or anything.

When it comes to the product you are using its also important to get something that works!
My favorite is Bobbi Brown and Kim Cosmetics gel liners. But i’ve also heard a lot good stuff about Maybelline’s gel liner. If you dont wanna use a gel liner and feel better using a liquid lined, then do like me and put some liner on something, i often use a plate or something and then I take my brush and dip it in there. You then make it as simple as with gel liner, because the brush is so much easier to work with!

Im not going to write a lot more now, I will leave you to the tutorial!

You can get the Zoeva 317 brush here:






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