Blue Smokey Eye

Hi guys!

Today I have a brand  new step by step tutorial to share with you! This beautiful look is a smokey eye with a pop of blue and a touch of sparkle. I really like it and I think it looks pretty awesome even if I do say so myself!


So the products you will need for this step by step are:

  • MAC “Always Sunny”
  • MAC “Embark”
  • Kim Handmade & Natural “Midnight Blues”
  • Kim Handmade & Natural “Optimize”
  • Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara
  • Red Cherry Lashes
  • Urban Decay Electric Palette
  • Eye Liner and Gel Liner


To start with I love using MAC “Always Sunny” in the crease and blend it upwards. This is so that we get a nice and warm translucent base for the transition between the blended shades. Remember to always blend well, this is so important to get a makeup look thats looking good!


The next color I used is from Kim Handmade & Natural in “Optimize”. I used this color to deepen up the crease some more and to make it more smokey. Focus in the crease and then blend it upwards but not over the shadow we just used.


Now that the crease is looking gorgeous we have to get some color on the lid! For my lid I used Kim Handmade & Natural in “Midnight Blues” and just put it all over the lid! This color is a matte blue color thats a little to dark for this look and not enough blue.


So I decided to make it pop more with the blue one from the Urban Decay Electric Palette. Then you have to blend the crease so we dont get any sharp edges. You can never blend enough!


Now you can choose to make a winged liner like I did or if you don´t want to, then you can just skip this part! You should do a simple  eyeliner on the lower lid, then use MAC “Embark” to blend out the lower lash line so  that you get that smokey effect going on on the lower lases too! Now your only missing some mascara and if false lashes are your thing then glue them up and get fluttering!

VOILA! Just as simple as that!

Here is the final result, I really hope you enjoy this tutorial and that you give it a try!

DSC05107 (1)

Nadine Olsen



  1. This would be really pretty for a night out

  2. Great tutorial. Quick and easy to follow with nice pics along the way. I’ve been wanting to create some step by steps tutorials as opposed to what I do which is share the end look with a how to get there. I do that because I get a few minutes from my husband to take photos. I know he would stand there and do it all along the way. NOT GONNA HAPPEN FOR ME. So, how do you do the step by step photos? What do you use?

    • Thanks a lot 😀
      To take the step by step photos i use my Sony Nex 5t camera and i just use the flash light that you get when you buy it (it makes a natural light)
      Then i just hold the camera in my hand in front of a mirror to se how it looks, then i just snap a photo for every thing i do, if that makes any sense 😛

      • Yeah makes sense definitely. I’m thinking of what I should get!! So are you snapping the reflection in the mirror?

      • nono i dont snap the reflection, but my camera have a big screen on the back where i can she what im taking pic of, so i se the reflection of the back of my camera so i see how the pic will look when i take it. If you know what i mean 😛


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