Pic Tutorial


Today its time for a new pic tutorial!
Ive been loving my new Jaclyn Hill palette lately and i’ve been playing around with it all day long but this look i fell in love with. Its super easy to do and it looks so good not only on pics but also in real life, and for every eye color!! Im just loving it okay, lol



The first thing i start with is a clean smooth eye thats ready to get some makeup on.
I always start by using MAC pro longwear concealer on my lid as a primer, it works amazing and i get to do two things at once, i smoothen out my eye and i also get a primer that makes my makeup last for ever.


For this look its important to blend, blend and blend some more! So to start with I use this color number 1 (look at the top pic) this is a nice warm brown color thats great to use as a translucent color so you put it in the crease and blend it upwards to your brow.


To give the eye some more dimension i take color number 2 and do the same thing with, i put it in the crease but focus it more in the crease and to blend it a little upwards, but not all over the first color.


Then its the star of the show, number 3! This is such a beautiful color!
Its such a rusty shimmery color and it looks so gorgeous. I dont put this directly to the lid, I fist get it on a pencil then i spray it with some MAC Fix+ before I dab it all over my lid, this will give it more a foiled look witch I think is so cool!

After dabbing it on you have to wait a little before blending otherwise you will end up ruining the whole thing!


While i’m waiting for the eyeshadow to dry i put on some eyeliner on my lower water line.
Now that my eyeshadow is dry i can start blending, i then take color number 4 witch is a more cold brown just to make my crease look a little deeper, I use this color to blend the harsh line i get after putting the eyeshadow on my lid and to deepen the look a little.


Now we are almost done!
I always take my foundation after my eye, so if you do the same you now have to do foundation, under eye highlight, brows etc.
Then we can go over to the lover lash line. I start by smoking out the eyeliner we put on earlier just a little so its not only this intense black thing, we just have to get it a little down to the lover lashes. Then i use the color we used on our lid to blend it out some more, this gives the look a cool smokey effect, if you dont want it as smokey as i do here you just skip the eyeliner and use color number 4 under there instead of the one we used on the lid! But thats all up to you, i liked this a lot with some more smokey so I ended up with this.






Now you just have to put on some mascara and your done. If you are like me you also need some falsies to complete the look!





I really hope you like this look and give it a go! Its now hard at all and it looks pretty good if you ask me!

Have a nice weekend!


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